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Very Nice Louis XV Style Gilt Armchair

(SKU: 5385-1114)
Do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions about this item

Do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions

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  • 28 inches
  • 41 inches
  • 25 inches

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LOUIS XV  (1710-1774)

Masterpieces were created under Louis XV. It was a period of extraordinary creativity. Curved lines and asymmetry became the rule. New pieces of furniture were produced to perfection. Foreign masters came to Paris to work at the Court : Bernard van Risen Burgh or B.V.R.B., Vandercruse known as Lacroix whose stamp was P.V.L.C.

Outstanding chairmakers : Nicolas Heurtaut, Tilliar, Famous stamps abounded : Godreaux, Oeben, Criaerd, Dubois, Foliot, Lieutaud, N.Petit, Migeon, Joubert, Roussel...

The fashion for Chinese lacquer had an infulence on European.

veneers e.g in Paris : Vernis Martin. The vital official stamp "JME" appeared on furniture in 1743 followed by the crowned "C" in 1745 on the gilded bronzes.

Caffieri was the great bronze craftsman ot the period.

The provinces kept up with the movement : Nogaret in Lyons, Hache in Grenoble.

Furniture : in addition to cupboards, bookcases, often decorated "sans traverses", new items appeared : chiffoniers, writing desks with flaps, card tables, roll-top desks, ladies' furniture : dressing tables, chairs with short armrests, desks, escritoires. Wooden panelling could be seen.

Materials : most precious woods imported, gilt wood, bronzes.

Types of decoration : flora and fauna combined with chinoiseries and feminine faces, flowers and moulding work. The wood was often painted or in gold leaf. Considerable bronze arnamentation was an essential part of some items. Flower marquetry was very fine.

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